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2015 Predictions

Last year Nikki predicted a train derailment in Manitoba – Hudson Bay Railway line (Web site Dec. 2013); Avril Lavigne health issues (Web site dec 2013); an earthquake in San Francisco – South Napa in the San Francisco Bay Area (Web site 2013); the volcanic eruption in Hawaii – Kilauea volcano on the Big Island (Web site Dec. 2013); a space tragedy – Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo (Web site Dec. 2013); Rob Ford's appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! show (Web site Dec. 2013, CityNews 'The 5' Dec. 2013 and The Toronto Sun Mike Strobel's column Dec. 2013); Rob Ford's health concerns (Web site Dec. 2013); John Tory elected as mayor of Toronto (The Toronto Sun Mike Strobel's column Sept. 2014); Cher's health issues – viral infection affecting kidneys (Web site Dec. 2013); Shia LaBeouf being arrested (Web site 2013); Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's wedding (Web site 2013 and Metro News national edition Dec. 2012); Stephen Harper crisis where the Prime Minister will be tested and has to watch for danger – terrorist attack on Parliament Hill (Metro News national edition Dec. 25, 2012); George Clooney's marriage (Star Prediction on Web site 2011); Prince William and Kate Middleton becoming parents for a 2nd time (Web site Dec. 2013 and CityNews 'The 5' Francis D'Souza); Matthew McConaughey being nominated for an Oscar (Web site and Breakfast Television Dec. 31, 2013); a plane crash in Ukraine (Dean Blundell Show 102.1 The Edge); Joan Rivers would have to be careful of surgery (Dean Blundell Show 102.1 The Edge); a plane disappearing into an ocean without a trace, like the Bermuda Triangle – Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 (Dean Blundell Show 102.1 The Edge); the passing of Mickey Rooney, Shirley Temple, Lauren Bacall and Robin Williams (Web site Dec. 2013).

Many of these predictions were made in various media outlets including The Edge 102.1 radio station, television stations and various newspapers including The Toronto Sun, and on Nikki's Web site

Here's how Nikki sees 2015:

World Predictions

  1. Two subway trains collide in New York City
  2. An avalanche in the Himalayas
  3. Danger around President of France, François Hollande
  4. Two planes collide on the runway at Dulles International Airport in Washington, DC
  5. An earthquake of great magnitude in Washington, DC
  6. Terrorist attack in Washington, DC
  7. A cruise ship sinking off the coast of France
  8. A fire at a hotel in Athens, Greece
  9. An old section of Liverpool, England on fire
  10. A terrorist attack in London, England
  11. A causeway bridge collapses in Florida
  12. A school shooting in Denver, Colorado
  13. A cooking school burns down in France
  14. A great earthquake in Montana, Idaho, Wyoming and Colorado
  15. A terrorist attack in Paris, France
  16. A bank burns down near Wall Street in New York City
  17. A shooting at an airport terminal, injuring many
  18. Divers off the coast of Florida find millions in treasures
  19. Eagles attacking people in Anchorage, Alaska
  20. Tokyo in ruins after a giant earthquake
  21. Marijuana being legalized
  22. Terrorists attack Casablanca, Morocco
  23. A plane crash at Boston Logan Airport
  24. A castle in Ireland burns down
  25. A castle fire in Toronto, Canada
  26. A bear escapes from a Toronto zoo
  27. A terrorist attack in Melbourne, Australia
  28. A shooting of a guard at Buckingham Palace
  29. A famous golfer will get injured when a golf ball hits him
  30. A department store in London, England will be targeted by a terrorist group
  31. A cargo ship is hijacked near San Francisco
  32. Mining disaster in Sudbury, Ontario
  33. A club fire in Aruba
  34. An earthquake in Chicago
  35. A gigantic earthquake in San Francisco
  36. A bull goes into a crowd at a rodeo in Texas
  37. A movie star loses a leg in a motorcycle accident
  38. A meteorite strikes Auckland, New Zealand
  39. Space tragedy
  40. Russia invading other countries
  41. Invasion of Russia by US and British tanks in Moscow
  42. Meteorite hitting a commercial airliner
  43. A baseball player being kidnapped
  44. A kidnapping around the Royal Family
  45. A large species of octopus sinks a cruise ship in the Western Mediterranean
  46. Trouble and tragedy around the Louvre in Paris, France
  47. Tragedy around the new World Trade Center
  48. A terrorist attack in Toronto, Canada
  49. A terrorist attack in Scotland
  50. A disease around giraffes
  51. An arrest in the Madeleine McCann case
  52. Russian President Vladimir Putin in danger
  53. They will find a definite cure for the Ebola virus
  54. A mysterious virus in Sweden shocks the world
  55. A huge earthquake in Kansas
  56. Deadly terrorist attacks in Mumbai and Delhi, India
  57. Terrorist attacks in the Midwest including Chicago, St. Louis, Kansas and Indiana
  58. Hollywood movie stars being kidnapped by terrorists for ransom
  59. A flood in Eastern Romania
  60. A terrorist attack in New York City
  61. A terrorist attack in Boston
  62. A terrorist attack in Los Angeles
  63. A fire at the White House in Washington, DC
  64. Mount Etna erupting
  65. Mount St. Helens erupting
  66. Seattle earthquake
  67. A power blackout in San Francisco
  68. A great earthquake in Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco
  69. An elevator accident in New York City, falling 20 storeys
  70. Another huge earthquake in Japan
  71. Many breakthroughs in the cure for cancer
  72. A tightrope walker will walk across the pyramids in Egypt
  73. An attack on the US with drones
  74. The Dalai Lama has to watch his health
  75. Trouble with the Earth's magnetic fields caused by solar flares
  76. An attack on a military base in Norfolk, Virginia
  77. A Bonnie-and-Clyde kind of bank robbery in New York City
  78. A movie star dies when their yacht catches fire
  79. Race riots continue in the US
  80. A bomb on a cruise ship
  81. Problems with Iran
  82. Israel and Iran attack each other
  83. A shooting at Rockefeller Center
  84. US Secretary of State John Kerry in danger
  85. Increased amount of UFO sightings
  86. Russia and China working together
  87. A fire at the CN Tower, Toronto, Canada
  88. Danger around US Vice-President Joe Biden
  89. Crazy weather conditions still persist in the world due to global warming
  90. An attack on the Vatican and the Pope
  91. Two famous Canadian politicians will pass
  92. Danger around Barack Obama and the First Lady, Michelle
  93. Sex scandal in Washington, DC
  94. A huge earthquake in Chile and Peru, creating a tsunami
  95. A large earthquake in Iran and China
  96. A bomb blast at Buckingham Palace
  97. Queen Elizabeth in danger
  98. A casino fire in Las Vegas and the South of France
  99. Panama earthquake
  100. A tragedy at Schiphol Airport in Amersterdam, Holland
  101. Bomb blast at Heathrow Airport
  102. A plane disappearing between Singapore and Japan
  103. Earthquakes in Toronto, Ottawa and Québec
  104. A terrorist attack at a sporting event
  105. Two planes crashing at John F. Kennedy International Airport
  106. Prime Minister Stephen Harper in danger
  107. George Zimmerman, acquitted shooter of Florida youth Trayvon Martin, in danger
  108. Scott Peterson has to watch for danger
  109. A prison riot in Beirut, Lebanon
  110. Prince Harry in grave danger
  111. Ottawa still has to be on alert, as well as Montreal, Québec, for terrorist attacks
  112. An earthquake in the State of Washington
  113. Earthquakes in British Columbia and Oregon
  114. A giant earthquake in Alaska
  115. A power blackout in New York City
  116. A power blackout throughout North America
  117. A fireworks display goes wrong in rural Maine, USA
  118. A speedboat accident kills many
  119. A subway train getting highjacked
  120. A tragedy involving an Amtrak train in Illinois
  121. Planes collide on the runway at Chicago O'Hare Airport, creating a massive fire
  122. Parts of the Gardiner Expressway will collapse in Toronto, Canada
  123. A terrorist attack in Niagara Falls
  124. A great fire and earthquake in Mexico City
  125. A bomb blast at 10 Downing Street in London, England
  126. A sinkhole swallows cars in Louisiana
  127. A large earthquake in Rome, Italy
  128. More cyber attacks
  129. An earthquake in Nevada affecting Las Vegas
  130. Riots in Madrid, Spain
  131. An attack on Air Force One
  132. North Korean President Kim Jong-un in danger
  133. A huge fire devours businesses in Philadelphia
  134. Spaceship landing
  135. Mysterious fog occurring around the world
  136. Flag being stolen in Washington, DC
  137. North Korea attacking South Korea

Star Predictions

  1. Halle Berry splitting from Olivier Martinez
  2. Julianne Moore nominated for an Oscar
  3. Brad Pitt Oscar nomination
  4. A person claims to be Marilyn Monroe's child
  5. Joan and Jackie Collins have to watch their health
  6. An ambulance around Drew Carey
  7. OJ Simpson has to watch his health
  8. Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake split
  9. Sex scandal around a game-show host
  10. Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson split
  11. Ben Affleck and Jenifer Garner marriage problems
  12. One Direction has to be careful of a crazed fan
  13. BB King has to watch his health
  14. Angelina Jolie has to watch her health
  15. Angelina and Brad Pitt have to watch their marriage
  16. Solange Knowles splits from hubby
  17. Jean-Claude Van Damme has to watch his health
  18. A movie star will name their baby 'Mona Lisa'
  19. Angelina Jolie will be nominated for a Best Director Oscar
  20. Johnny Depp has to be careful of his well-being
  21. Hugh Jackman health issues
  22. George Clooney has to watch his marriage
  23. Barbra Streisand and James Brolin splitting
  24. Gwyneth Paltrow back with Chris Martin
  25. A baby for Jennifer Aniston
  26. Tim McGraw and Faith Hill splitting
  27. Tori Spelling will split with hubby and has to watch her health
  28. Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi will split
  29. Jack Nicholson hospitalized
  30. Madonna health scare
  31. A Hollywood murder around two sitcom stars
  32. Pierce Brosnan health concerns
  33. Pregnancy for Beyonce, but has to watch marriage
  34. Pregnancy for Kim Kardashian, but has to watch marriage and health
  35. Selena Gomez has to watch her well-being
  36. Sharon Stone must watch her health
  37. Ambulances around producer Harvey Weinstein
  38. A fire at the Playboy mansion
  39. Lucille Ball's relative will pass
  40. Oprah will marry, but has to be careful of danger
  41. Dr Drew will suffer a crisis
  42. Director James Cameron will have a close call with a shark
  43. Bill Cosby has to be careful of his health and well-being
  44. Taylor Swift has to watch herself around transportation
  45. Jimmy Kimmel will rescue someone from a fire and be a hero
  46. George Clooney entering politics, but has to be careful of danger
  47. An arrest in the Natalie Wood murder
  48. Honey Boo Boo is going to be taken away from Mama June, who has danger around
  49. Danger and more scandal around the Duck Dynasty clan
  50. Heather Locklear has to watch her health
  51. Bo Derek has to be careful of horses
  52. Kim Coates should be careful of motorcycles
  53. Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas split again
  54. Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman possible split
  55. Benedict Cumberbatch nominated for an Oscar

Canadian Predictions

  1. Collapse of part of the Gardiner Expressway and danger
  2. A terrorist attack in both Toronto and Niagara Falls
  3. A major earthquake in British Columbia
  4. Crane collapsing in Toronto
  5. A famous Canadian will win the Nobel Peace Prize
  6. Major storms hitting Ontario and lots of tornado activity
  7. More flooding in Toronto and Peterborough
  8. A large tornado in Barrie in the spring
  9. Jian Ghomeshi has to watch his health and watch for danger. If he does survive the ordeal, he will write a book, or live in the US or London
  10. A Canadian newspaper will fold
  11. A Canadian broadcasting giant has to bring in private investors to stay alive
  12. A major breakthrough by a Toronto team of doctors concerning cancer and heart disease
  13. A major fire at Toronto City Hall
  14. Another Canadian male celebrity will be arrested
  15. A commercial airliner crashing near Milton
  16. A small plane crashing on a highway
  17. A Toronto sports team will reign supreme
  18. Major dinosaur fossils found worldwide and in Alberta
  19. A famous Canadian author will pass
  20. Two famous Canadian politicians will pass
  21. Trouble at Toronto's CN Tower
  22. Ottawa still has to be on guard
  23. Stephen Harper is still in danger
  24. An earthquake in Toronto, Ottawa, Québec or the Niagara Region

Wild International Weather Predictions

  1. Large earthquake in Montana, Idaho, Wyoming and Colorado
  2. Large tornado hits Kansas
  3. Large tornado hits Wichita, Kansas
  4. Devastating destruction destroys a town in Oklahoma, after a tornado
  5. Super-large earthquake hits Kansas
  6. Earthquake in Chicago, St Louis and Missouri
  7. Super storms across the US, Canada, Europe and Australia
  8. Earthquake for New Zealand
  9. Extreme weather worldwide, hotter and colder climates, and snow in areas that don’t normally have snow
  10. An earthquake and tsunami in Thailand and Indonesia
  11. A large earthquake in the Philippines
  12. A large earthquake in Guam
  13. Category 5 hurricane wipes out Miami
  14. An earthquake hits the British Isles
  15. Earthquake in London, England
  16. Earthquake in New York City and Memphis, Tennessee
  17. Extra-large earthquakes wiping out towns in the US
  18. A gigantic earthquake in California
  19. Major floods in the US and Europe
  20. An earthquake in Utah
  21. Large earthquake and tornadoes in Québec and the Niagara Region, and Ontario
  22. Earthquakes hit Lake Tahoe, Napa Valley, San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego
  23. Wildfires in Greece, Hawaii, California, British Columbia and Australia
  24. An earthquake in Malta
  25. An earthquake in Seattle, Washington
  26. An earthquake in Oregon
  27. Mount St Helens erupting
  28. Tsunami in Malibu
  29. Giant tornadoes strike Texas, Arkansas, Kansas, Oklahoma, California, Missouri and Tennessee
  30. Russian earthquake
  31. Large earthquake in Greece and Cyprus
  32. An earthquake in Corfu and Crete
  33. Giant earthquake in Japan, along with another tsunami
  34. Tsunamis hit Alaska, Russia, Hawaii, Chile, Peru and Thailand
  35. Giant earthquake in Peru, Ecuador, Chile and Argentina
  36. Earthquakes hitting Panama, Guatemala and Nicaragua
  37. Mudslides killing people in Los Angeles
  38. Giant earthquake hitting Fukushima, Japan, causing radiation nightmare
  39. Avalanche snowstorm for Whistler, BC
  40. Earthquakes in Iran, China, Afghanistan and Tibet, including Nepal
  41. Volcano erupting and earthquake in Iceland
  42. Giant earthquake in Italy and Spain
  43. Another earthquake affecting New York City, New Jersey, Washington, Maryland and Virginia
  44. An earthquake strikes North Carolina and South Carolina
  45. An earthquake in Denmark
  46. Earthquakes hit Norway and Scotland
  47. More polar vortex
  48. An earthquake for Buffalo
  49. Earthquakes in Las Vegas, Nevada and the Grand Canyon
  50. Large earthquake in Yellowstone National Park
  51. An earthquake in Toronto
  52. Floods and typhoons for Bangladesh and India
  53. An earthquake in South Africa
  54. Snow in Turkey and Egypt
  55. Huge earthquake in Afghanistan
  56. An earthquake in San Francisco
  57. Paris, France flooding
  58. A large earthquake strikes Los Angeles and San Diego
  59. A devastating earthquake in British Columbia, the Northwest Territories and Alaska
  60. A heat wave covers London, England

Predictions for the Royal Family of Monaco

  1. A car accident around the Royal Family of Monaco

The Royals

  1. Kate and William will have at least one little princess
  2. Scandal around Prince Edward
  3. A ski accident around the Royals
  4. Sickness around the Queen
  5. A bomb blast at Buckingham Palace
  6. A horse accident around a Royal
  7. Danger around William and Harry, and planes
  8. An assassination attempt around the Queen
  9. The Queen in danger
  10. The Duke of Edinburgh has to watch his health
  11. Bombing at 10 Downing Street
  12. A kidnapping around the Royal Family
  13. Royal Family in danger at home, and especially while travelling

Death and Health Watch

Bill Gates, Richard Gere, Lady Ga Ga, Monty Hall, Tony Bennett, Fidel Castro, Russell Peters, George Clooney, Amul Alumuddin, BB King, Michelle Obama, Barbara Walters, Don Cherry, Gerard Depardieu, Christian Bale, Gerard Butler, Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Conrad Black, Rob Ford, Kenny Rogers, Valerie Harper, the Pope, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Ozzy Osbourne, Jack Nicholson, Drake, Nik Wallenda, Kim Jong-un, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Penny Marshall, Hillary Clinton, Doris Day, Danio Franchitti, Clint Eastwood, Willie Nelson, Paul Tracy, Britney Spears, La Toya Jackson, John Walsh, Stephen Harper, Burt Reynolds, David Hasselhoff, Bernard Madoff, former Egyptian President Mubarak, Rupert Murdoch, Kelly Osbourne, Carol Channing, Loretta Lynn, Fidel Castro, Billy Graham, Jerry Lewis, Kirk Douglas, Joanne Woodward, Debbie Reynolds, Barack Obama, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Larry King, Jimmy Carter, Barbara Bush, Duke of Edinburgh, Bob Barker, Keith Richards, Barry Manilow, Jackie Stallone, Charles Manson, Nancy Reagan, Ryan Seacrest, Randy Jackson, Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Bynes, Charlie Sheen, Martin Sheen, Bill Clinton, Howie Mandel, Jack Osbourne, Hugh Hefner, Danny Glover, Betty White, Woody Allen, Daniel Craig, Sean Connery, Michelle Pfeiffer, Sharon Osbourne, Michelle Williams, Heidi Montag, Dick Cheney, John Travolta, George Bush Sr., Regis Philbin, Natalie Portman, George Bush Jr., Taylor Swift, Tony Bennett, David Letterman, Jackie Mason, Justin Bieber, RuPaul, Selena Gomez, Tippi Hedren, Melanie Griffith, Mick Jagger, Ed Asner, Sean Combs, Karl Lagerfeld, Olivia Newton-John, Michael Douglas, Kreskin, Donald Trump, Cloris Leachman, Queen Elizabeth, Chaz Bono, Cher, Jodie Foster, Madonna, Pink, Harry Belafonte, Mary Tyler Moore, Sarah “Fergie” Duchess of York, Shia LaBeouf, Alice Cooper, Marilyn Manson, Carol Burnett, Maureen O’Hara, Steven Tyler, Mark Anthony, Jennifer Lopez, Gordon Lightfoot, James Randi, Avril Lavigne, Criss Angel, Ronnie Hawkins, Joni Mitchell, Alex Trebek, Jay Leno, Paul McCartney, Anderson Cooper, Robert Evans, Barbara Streisand, Sir Richard Branson, Prince William, Prince Harry, Nicole Richie, Simon Cowell, David Copperfield, Desi Arnaz Jr., Jayne Meadows, Monty Hall, Angie Dickinson, Jimmy Fallon, Christopher Plummer, Katherine Jackson, Joe Jackson, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Jane Seymour, Richard Simmons, Pamela Anderson, Olivia de Havilland, Hazel McCallion, Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott, Martha Stewart, David Cameron, French President François Hollande, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, Vladimir Putin, Joe Biden, Scott Peterson, Jian Ghomeshi, George Zimmerman, former Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson, Monty Hall, U2’s Bono, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Steven Seagal, Heather Locklear, Jackie Collins, Joan Collins, Kirk Douglas, Petula Clark, Mel Gibson, Angie Everhart, Pamela Anderson, Liza Minnelli, Don Rickles, Oscar Pistorius, Bill Cosby, Pierce Brosnan, Jerry Springer, Céline Dion, René Angelil, Howard Stern, Dick van Dyke.

It does not mean the above mentioned will pass but they might have to watch their health and also watch for danger in their life.



Predictions are made all year round not just on the website at the end of the year but throughout the year on radio, television, newspapers, magazines, and on the internet.

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