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clair·voy·ance (klâr-voi'ens) (n.)
  • The power to see objects or events that cannot be perceived by the senses.
  • Acute intuitive insight or perceptiveness.
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Nikki has been clairvoyant all her life. She is an audient clairvoyant — the ability to see and hear and come up with specifics. Nikki's father had the gift as well.

Nikki is known all over the world. Some of her clients include well-known movie stars, politicians, people from the sports world and business world, as well as the world of entertainment. Nikki has done several radio shows including 102.1 The Edge - The Dean Blundell Show.

Nikki has been host and guest on many shows including -

The resident psychic on the radio station Energy 95.3
Interviews on CBS news in New York City
I am a semi-regular on the inside joke global news radio 640
CFRB 1010 including Spider Jones Show
The Mix 99.9 - Humble & Fred
The Mix 99.9 - Carla Collins
680 News - Gloria Martin
640 Talk Radio - various shows
CBC Radio
CHAM 820 AM Radio Hamilton, Ontario
Kitchener 570 Radio
Howard Stern Show - New York
Mike Bullard Satellite Radio
820 Talk Radio - Mike Bullard, Judy Croon
The Fan 590
SportsNet 590
Virgin Radio
Scott Fox Katchallahan
The Dean Blundell Show 102.1 - The Edge
Dean Blundell and Company - SportsNet - The Fan 590

Nikki has appeared on various radio shows in Calgary, Vancouver, Montreal, Halifax, Los Vegas, Los Angeles, and New York.

Nikki has also appeared on several top rated entertainment television shows and her credits include –

CP 24 News - The Steven Le Drew Show
'The Five' City News
CP 24 News - several New Year's Eve Specials
CTV News
Steven and Chris Show - CBC Television
Breakfast Television - City TV
CityLine - City TV
CP 24 News - Ann Rhomer
City Pulse News at Six with Gord Martineau
Global Television News
Mike Bullard Show - CTV and Global
Being Frank Show - CHCH Television
"The Goods" with Jessi Cruickshank - CBC

Nikki has also appeared on various television shows including –

CHCH Television - Hamilton, Ontario
Love Trap - Cosmo Television
Cosmo TV with Josie Dye
Several shows on The Women's Television Network
eTalk Daily - Ben Mulroney - Tanya Kim CTV
Inside Entertainment Tonight Canada with Cheryl Hickey
Much More Music - Tracey Melcher
regular appearances on Much Music - Much on Demand
- A reading live with Hillary Duff and Leah Miller
CHIN Television and Radio
regular appearances on:
  • Much on Demand
  • Leah Miller
  • Sarah Taylor
  • Tim Deagan
  • Love Court
  • My Date with Cosmo TV with Josie Dye
  • Steven Le Drew CP 24 News
  • National commercial - Caramilk

Nikki was also resident psychic at Rogers Daytime TV for 3 years (2003-2006), hosted The Nikki Psychic Show at Yuk Yuks comedy bar for 2 years and appeared at the Mod Club Showtime comedy bar. Nikki recently appeared on SportsNet "Dean Blundell and Company" and on CBC's "The Goods" with Jessi Cruickshank. Nikki also appeared in the movie "The Red Maple Leaf" with James Caan, Armand Assante, Mia Sorvina, Paul Sorvina, and Ellen Dubin.

Nikki has also been featured in International Press Media including Maclean’s Magazine. The Toronto Sun various columns including Mike Strobel and Joe Warmington, The Toronto Star, The Globe and Mail, National Post including Shinan Govani column, Toronto Life Magazine, and Inside E Inside Entertainment, Canada. She also had a regular column for seven years in Inside E Canada which went national and has been a regular contributor to the U.S. tabloid, The Sun, where she had several covers. Nikki has been in Elle Canada fashion magazine, and also several beauty and fashion magazines.

Some past predictions, which have come true, include

  • I predicted the passing of Karl Lagerfield
  • The 911 planes crashing into the World Trade Center and Washington, including the Pentagon plane crash by terrorists - prediction April 2001 on 102.1 The Edge radio station
  • The 911 planes crashing into the World Trade Center and Washington, including the Pentagon plane crash by terrorists - prediction April 2001 on 102.1 The Edge radio station
  • Michael Jackson's death - on Web site December 2008; on 102.1 The Edge, January 2008
  • The plane crashing into the Hudson River, New York City - December 16, 2008 on blog and 102.1 The Edge (Dean Blundell Show)
  • Avril Lavigne and hubby splitting - December 2008 on Web site and on 102.1 The Edge (Dean Blundell Show)
  • Avril Lavigne's mysterious health issues - on Web site
  • The death of Australian Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin - predicted in June 2005 issue of U.S. tabloid The Sun
  • Siegfried and Roy's accident with tigers in Las Vegas - first predicted on radio and television, and in The Globe and Mail newspaper a year before the accident
  • The passing of Anna Nicole Smith - 5 years before it happened
  • The passing of Lucian Pavarotti
  • The monorail accident in Florida - predicted on 102.1 The Edge (Dean Blundell Show)
  • Robin Williams' health problems
  • The passing of Ted Kennedy, Eunice Schriver and Farrah Fawcett
  • The death of Benezir Bhutto - predicted on 102.1 The Edge

Nikki also predicted:

  • Meteor crashing in Russia
  • Toronto floods and Cronut disaster at the CNE in Toronto
  • The passing of Nelson Mandela, Paul Walker, Hugo Chavez, and Annette Funicello
  • Justin Bieber's problems
  • Daniel Day Lewis' Oscar win
  • Wildfires in Australia
  • The Rob Ford tape and scandal
  • Scandal on Parliament Hill
  • Split between Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas
  • Break-up of Josh Brolin and Diane Lane
  • Skull of King Richard III found in England
  • Dario Franchitti's car accident
  • Paul Walker's crash
  • Trouble in Syria, Egypt
  • Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Kate Middleton, becoming parents
  • Mount Etna erupting
  • A beaver eating a man in Belarus, Russia
  • Train derailment in Manitoba - Hudson Bay Railway line
  • Earthquake in San Francisco - South Napa in the San Francisco Bay Area
  • Volcanic eruption in Hawaii - Kilauea volcano on the Big Island
  • Space tragedy - Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo
  • Rob Ford's appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Show
  • Rob Ford's health concerns
  • John Tory elected as mayor of Toronto
  • Cher's health issues - viral infection affecting kidneys
  • Shia LaBeouf being arrested
  • Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's wedding
  • Stephen Harper crisis where the Prime Minister will be tested and has to watch for danger - terror attack on Parliament Hill
  • George Clooney's marriage
  • Prince William and Kate Middleton becoming parents for a 2nd time
  • Matthew McConaughey being nominated for an Oscar
  • a plane crash in Ukraine
  • Joan Rivers would have to be careful of surgery
  • Plane disappearing into an ocean without a trace, like the Bermuda Triangle - Malaysia Airlines flight MH370
  • Passing of Mickey Rooney, Shirley Temple, Lauren Bacall and Robin Williams
Many of these predictions were made in various media outlets including The Toronto Sun, the U.S. tabloid The Sun, the Dean Blundell Show on 102.1 The Edge radio station, in print and on Nikki's Web site

Nikki - Psychic to the Stars

Watch Nikki's interview on WPBS Weekly

Watch Nikki's interview on WPBS Weekly

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